From left to right: Samantha Reinders (courtesy of MSF), Pradeep Tewari (courtesy of Photoshare), Tushar Sharma (courtesy of Photoshare), Samantha Reinders (courtesy of MSF), N'gadi Ikram (courtesy of MSF).
Peter Casaer (courtesy of MSF).
Courtesy of Durban Tourism.
Asad Rassel (courtesy of Photoshare).
Tushar Sharma (courtesy of Photoshare).
Michael McGuire (courtesy of Photoshare).
Pradeep Tewari (courtesy of Photoshare).
Lee Mantini (courtesy of Photoshare).
Doug Linstedt (courtesy of Unsplash).
Miguel Cuenca (courtesy of MSF).
Pedulla Sreenuvasa (courtesy of Photoshare).
Samantha Reinders (courtesy of MSF).
Miguel Cuenca (courtesy of MSF).
Diana Mrazikova (courtesy of Photoshare).
Peter Casaer (courtesy of MSF).
Samantha Reinders (courtesy of MSF).
Helmut Wachter (courtesy of MSF).
Samantha Reinders (courtesy of MSF).
Annie Spratt (Sierre Leone)
Ron Hansen (Devarakonda, India)
Sydelle Willow Smith
Illustration of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19 - March 2020 / © UPI/MaxPPP

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