Model mechanics

ART refills

Clinical consultations

Individual/group approach



Who attends?

Client or client-appointed representative


Client recruitment


At facility

By whom

Lay health care worker in facility waiting rooms
Posters/pamphlets in facility waiting room advertising model
Clinician offering enrolment to eligible clients

Eligibility assessment

By clinician during consultation

Group formation

By lay health care worker or nurse at the facility

Annual health care visit schedule for client

  1. ART refill (at club venue)
  2. ART refill (at club venue)
  3. VL (at health facility)
  4. ART refill + clinical review (at health facility)
  5. ART refill (at club venue)
  6. ART refill (at club venue)

Rescripting is attended to twice a year at fixed times (Mar/Apr and Aug/Sept) and is managed by facility nursing staff separately from client’s health care visits

Alignment of ART refill and blood draw visit

Does it happen?


Alignment of ART refill and clinic visits

Does it happen?

Yes. ART refills and clinical visits are done on the same day.  However, the blood draw visit for VL is extra and not on an ART refill visit date

Clinical outreach from facility potential

Does it happen?

Possibly. Feasibility must be assessed based on the location of club, but a community outreach nurse could take blood and complete clinical review off site

ART refill preparation

Is ART pre-packed?


If yes, by whom?

Chronic dispensing unit (CDU), sent to facility pharmacy for collection by CBO

ART refill provision to group meeting location


Box with pre-packed ART supply is collected from the facility pharmacy by the CBO and taken to the group meeting location (sometimes stored at CBO office overnight if the group meets early in the morning)


Lay health care worker