Facility-based individual models

Khayelitsha evening quick pick-up programme (QPUP)

Specific populations

Khayelitsha quick pick-up programme (QPUP) has been piloted by the Western Cape Department of Health supported by MSF at a single large ART clinic in Khayelitsha. Individuals who are stable ART clients are assessed by a clinician at the facility and offered enrolment in either a health worker-managed group model or the quick pick-up programme (QPUP). Clients that opt for QPUP are no longer required to draw patient folders from the registry or see the clinician at each health care visit. The client or a client-appointed representative goes directly to the pharmacy (open twice weekly in the evening) on their scheduled appointment date any time between 4:30 and 7:30pm. The client collects their pre-packed 2-monthly ART refill visit from a pharmacy assistant only using their patient-held card. Clients are required to see the clinician twice a year for clinical review including rescripting.

Who is eligible for this model?

On ART for 12 months, 1st or 2nd line ART, 2 undetectable VLs, no active TB, no condition requiring regular clinical follow up, adult (>18 years)

ART refills


ART refill
Laboratory tests*


2 monthly


Primary care clinic (evening)


Pharmacy assistant

*Clients can attend their ART refill visit 2 months prior to their clinical consultation in the late afternoon to have their blood drawn before attending the pharmacy for their quick pick-up or can come at any other convenient time during the day 1-2 months prior to their clinical consultation.


Clinical consultation


ART rescripting
Clinical monitoring
ART refill


6 monthly


Primary care clinic



Summary of the model (per year)


Khayelitsha quick pick-up
Khayelitsha, Western Cape, South Africa

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